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Regina sits with her long legs crossed and shows something on her tablet to Martina, who moves a little bit closer when their hands touch. Raising their eyes towards each other, they passionately begin to kiss, grabbing their round bums and pert breasts as they passionately undress each other. Laying on her back, Marine closes her eyes as she feels Regina’s moist lips kiss her slender body, slowly moving towards in between her legs, kissing her long labia lips ardently while Marine moans, exhaling deeply as she lets go into an intense pleasure. Delicately placing her hand on Lucia’s thigh, Cleo moves it caressing her pubic region as Lucia smiles and spreads her legs apart, exposing her dark pubic hair visible even with her panties on. Passionately moving her hands to caress Cleo’s breasts, Lucia kisses Cleo as both girls excitement grows by the second. Leaning back against the wall, Lucia closes her eyes and squeezes her breasts together while Cleo kneels before her and fingers her vigorously, making Lucia moan in pleasure. Moving towards the couch, Cleo lays on all fours and spreads her bum cheeks apart, letting Lucia fingers her from behind to orgasm.

Girl Girl Sex 307 by abbywinters
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