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Among The Bushes

I’m here again, chasing after him like an adorable crazy maniac. He’s always sitting in this park, surrounded by the trees, reading a book, cute and charismatic. He’s big, tall and handsome. I can’t help myself; he makes my feel mischievous in this little green piece of paradise. I’ll take him between the trees, I’ll make him take off his clothes and I’ll fuck him surrounded by leaves, sunlight and dog walkers.

Going Bananas

Stand up and pick up a banana, read the instructions carefully, follow the rules. Take off that beautiful dress, leave your shoes by the bath, take a deep breath and relax. Wherever you are, I am there with you, staring at your caramel-like body, dreaming off those red lips, sinking in those big eyes of yours. Wait for me lying on our big white bed, I’ll come to make you feel aroused, just read the instructions. And then we’ll go bananas.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Every time he grabs it he feels so strong, as if his virility depended on it. It usually doesn’t bother me but I don’t like to feel ignored when I go with him to the countryside. It starts to annoy me when he’s been shooting at cans for an hour so I like to distract him to see if he eventually fails. It will take me several attempts but I’m sure I’ll succeed and finally catch his attention.

Unwrap Me

Put the music on. And let yourself go wrapped in glossy vinyl bandages. Red and bright, that’s what excites me.

I like the feel of vinyl, the sound it makes when our bodies rub together, how they squeeze me and make me sweat. .

You like it as much as me. I can see how your body gets stirred under these fire red bands. .

But I am tired of bearing them. Take them off quickly and fuck me.


The threesome has always been a recurring fantasy in the imaginary of erotica. Sharing the pleasure with two other people, discovering their bodies, feeling desired and releasing inhibitions hidden in the depths of our minds.A married couple decides to introduce a young boy they have just met into their sexual games.

They have never had an experience like that, but she is very excited to try it and her husband seems convinced too. Or not?

Belle Dame Sans Merci

I met a lady in the meads,

Full beautiful – a faery’s child,

Her hair was long, her foot was light,

And her eyes were wild

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