The moment she walked into my office, I knew Vanessa Sweet had the right look to be a huge star in porn. Pierced, tattooed, and peroxide blonde up top, any casting agent would have been thrilled to interview her, and I counted my lucky stars she found her way to my casting couch first. The challenge was to make sure Vanessa knew what she was getting into, and wouldn't be scared off by the dirty deeds asked of her on set. After outlining her possibilities in underwear and bathing suit modeling, I eased Vanessa into thinking about porn, telling her about the thick wads of cash she'd be stacking at home if she was willing to performing in Euro porn. Any shyness Vanessa had disappeared when she got her hands on my hard cock, and she started sucking on it with the gusto of a nymphomaniac on vacation. After lubing up my cock with a sloppy blowjob, Vanessa took her jean shorts off and jumped on my hard dick, riding me with her tight pussy until I had to blow a massive wad on her tongue!
Zsofi and Vikki (50 mins) When I first saw Zsofi I was a bit surprised because she was a little on the large side, but was still quite cute and worth a casting. She tole me she loved watching porn movies and liked girls as well, so I thought this was a great opportunity to get a bit of lesbian action on the couch. It just so happened that I had another girl who wanted to work with girls also so I asked her to come along so these two could meet each other and show me their skills. The other girl is Vikki, has a great body and long blonde hair.... When she turned up she was eager to please and I explained to her that I needed to make a video of her and Zsofi pleasuring each other on the couch. It was so hot watching them caress each other that I just had to join in so slipped my cock in between their faces and they did the rest. These two girls were not shy and they were sucking like troopers. I finished off by spunking over Zsofi's face, Vikki on the other hand I still wanted to have some more fun with so after the girls had gone I asked her back for another casting so I get could a bit more familiar with her.
Angelica and Bella Part 1 (47 mins) Yes Way I love my job. Not one but two awesome girls on my couch just waiting to be taken advantage of. I must say, these are the moments I live for. They are both smoking hot, one with the long jet black hair the other a blonde bombshell. It was blondie who wanted the hardcore career, and her friend was just along for the ride, hoping to get some bikini modelling or some shit. Nice enough of her to come along to help out her friend because she didn't speak much English. To be honest I was slightly more interested in getting bouncy tits Angelic (black hair) naked as she seemed reluctant... at first. It took a bit of convincing to get her strip down to her underwear. She said she wouldn't mind doing shoots for bikini magazines, but lets face it that's no good for me... I knew that when she saw her friend and I getting all sexual she wouldn't be able to resist. I could tell that she was getting turned on watching her best friend suck my cock. I sat in between them and could feel her mentally wearing down as the chemical reaction in her brain was making her pussy moist. Needless to say she buckled. I was having so much fun I didn't want it to end, I was trying desperately to hold back my juice, but finally sprayed my it so far that it went in blondies hair. I knew this wasn't over, so I took them into the bedroom..... to be continued.

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